MyShare Drive

A collection of scripts wraps around a WebDAV client.


An application that has been installed in over 1,000 PCs. It is a collection of Batch, VB Script, and registry files packaged inside of an .exe file that installs, configures, maintains, and monitors a WebDAV client (WebDrive) to connect to Alfresco (ECM).

How it works

Basically the scripts will performs the following:

  • Determine the OS architecture (32/64 bit), in order to install the correct version of WebDrive then install it.
  • Based on the user location and domain, determine the authentication method; NTML for on-premise users or basic authentication for outside users.
  • Configure .REG file that contain MyShare (Alfresco) configuration, in addition to the user specific details, and import it to Windows Registry Windows Registry.
  • Configure a scheduled task that will insure the integrity of the connection, and if it faced any problem the task will try to fix the problem by performing multiple procedures. If the problem remain, it will stop the application and notifiy both the user via error messege and the admin via email.

In addition, the scripts log every action in a file on disk using a small logging functionality to rotate and manage the log file so it doesn't take unnecessary space.



MyShare Drive is property of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.