JSF Applications

Various web applications using JavaServer Faces (JSF).


Various web applications using JavaServer Faces (JSF). These include:

Default Location

An application concerned with management of the location of PCs connected to the hospital’s medical system (Cerner). It narrows visible patients to current locations of a certain PC, in addition to many functions such as managing a specific PC and managing all PCs for a certain location. The application also has inapp Access Control List (ACL), which allows the administrators to provide access and privileges to various users. Additionally, the application has an auditing feature that records all actions taking place inside the application itself.

Extension for Supply Chain Customer Service

With no interaction from the Supply Chain’s agent, the supply chain customer service’s extension presents data from multiple sources based on the customer selection. The application works by receiving a request number through a query string passed by the customer service application before it presents a view with all the required data in it. If the request number was wrong or has no data, the application presents an option for the agent to enter the request number manually.

Supplies Scan

An extension for the medical store application, which handles unregistered items by connecting the item's barcode with an item code in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and then adds more details about this item. The application provides users with a view to scan the product, and then the application checks to see if the item exists. The application also provides users with a view to manage all scanned and registered items.


All the JSF applications are property of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre.