Calculate days remaining for the next salary (the fifth of the solar hijri month)


Based on the Saudi Arabia's Cabinet decision number 551 (link). The fifth of every solar hijri month is the official payday for government employees.

How it works

Since Umm al qura solar differ from Persian solar, and iPhone SDK only support the Persian solar in NSDate, the dates was scraped from link and hard coded inside the app as json file.

The scraping done using a forked version of @engineer_fouad "Hijri-Gregorian-Solar_Hijri. The modification done on it is to produce limited size json file instead of complete CSV file to reduce size and for easy deserialization.



  • Calculate days remaining for the next salary.
  • localization; English (default) and Arabic, based on device selected language.
  • Widget to display the countdown number.

ToDo (upcoming features)

  • Local notification a day before the payday.


The application use "MZFormSheetPresentationController".



Source Code

rateb-ios (App Code)
rateb-lib (Shared Utils)

Rateb is licensed under the MIT License.